“I have had the pleasure of taking these workshops for the past 6 years and I can say that they are single-handedly the reason I am working as a musician today.”

Nick Hinton -
Lead Guitar / Badwater


“Whether you just learned to play guitar last week, or whether you've been on the road touring for 20 years, he will help you...... I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND SAM'S WORKSHOPS!!!!!”

Meg Todd -
Songwriter / Performer / Recording Artist

You were born to perform.

Performance workshops are a blend of my extensive theater and music education. Like most musicians, I learned by doing, growing up performing in many bands. And even though I acted in my first professional plays at the age of 7, and 9, It wasn’t until I went on to study acting and directing for 8 years that I truly understood and learned how to craft a powerful, professional level performance that is a gift for the audience.

When you attend a workshop, I pass that understanding on to you. Expect to see 10-15 performances from students ranging from first-timers on stage to industry pros wanting to hone their craft, all in a comfortable and supportive environment. I run students through various exercises to get them confident on stage, and I give them useful constructive feedback that can be applied immediately to enhance their performance. Students will also receive a video of their performance if they desire.

These workshops accelerate the journey of learning to perform like a pro, using your imagination, and creativity, while learning a skill set, and having a great time growing as an artist. Workshops are $60 each, and take place at professional sounds stage rehearsal studios and theaters. If you’re interested in attending one, please contact Sam at SunPath for availability and rates.


A great performance is a gift the artist shares with and gives to an audience. That gift can lift the spirits of all who witness it. As you know, there's no better feeling than giving a gift and seeing the joy it brings to those who receive it.


Sam Druckerman, sunpath