About SunPath


"Sam doesn't just teach you how to play music. He teaches you how to be an artist."

Christopher Anderson Bazzoli - www.posthornmusic.com

"It's hard to imagine a better teacher than Sam."

Rick Holmstrom - www.rickholmstrom.com
Song Writer, Vocalist, Guitar Slinger,
Recording Artist, Producer

Iā€™m Sam Druckerman, owner of SunPath Music and Acting. I've been a professional music teacher for many wonderful years, dedicating my career to being the music teacher and acting coach I always wished I had. I offer guitar, voice & acting lessons. I also coach performers in private sessions, direct performance workshops, and work with people who have speech challenges.


My students vary in experience and skill, ranging from beginners to professional guitarists, singers and actors.  Lessons are customized to suit the abilities and goals of each individual student.

It is a pleasure helping music students learn the songs that move them, and assisting actors in creating characters.  I love encouraging them all to be creative, whether that be in the form of learning to improvise a guitar solo, writing a vocal arrangement, re-inventing an acting role into a completely new original creation, creating a composition, recording songs they love or have written, or performing on the stage or screen.